Sexy Typography – Once @ Barber Shop


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. The word, typography, is derived from the Greek words τύπος typos “form” or “impression” and γράφειν graphein “to write”. The first evidence of possible typography is dated on brick stamps in the Mesopotamian cities, dating ~XIX a. B.C. Typography is widely used in advertising, design, logos, self-expression or simply is a part of art. It’s real pleasure to create funny, interesting and smart words. Have You ever tried it?

And here is a short story in Sexy Typography style that once has happened to me.

It was


pm on

evening. The



and the


I was

on the

on my

from a

to my

to get a new

When I came


me with a


and a gentle

It is

as we

each other

year. I notice, that there is

other clients



Suddenly She



draw the



at Her. She’s






OH, and almost forgot, She has a

and miracle

Then She came

to me and put

on my



her to the

Then she suddenly


me to the


with a

Tie my legs with a

and said

I’ve been a


though at the same

I was

was will happen

Seems to me, She has a

on me

Soon She

to my

and her suit

a view of


By the way there were no

under so I even could see

in the

In a few seconds her suit


her gorgeous



just like a

I was

what a

She is. And magnificent


engulfed me and


She saw that and started teasing me even

However i had no


was beating





in my

and in my pants too. She noticed that so loosened my





with a

In few seconds I saw a

on her

in a

She touched my

with her



it deep until a

was on. She gave me a

She’s so

She’s my

and I’m her

She’s making me


She’s the best

I ever met. In the

moment She


to me and slowly begins to

I feelt like my



into her


until She

on me.Oh I

this feeling when my

is deep in her

Now when we

she starts to

on my

and We

Minute by minute her


She is riding me like on a

I am so

and main thought is: please

She’s my

sent. I feel the


and her


I wanted to

We both



and It’s

She took off the

me with a

on her


on me

and helpless. She even got

Well, It was

like the


movies. I should say that I have a

to know this

She’s so

to me. Every

would like to have such

who easily can

bad mood and sickness. After few minutes of relaxing she said that it’s

and we have to

So She

and took her clothes on. Meanwhile I took of the

full of

and threw it to

When we were ready She



Finally we


to the



Best Ice Cream Consumption Facial Expressions


The Summer is here. It’s a time, when Ice Cream consumption rises radically. When the heat is killing and You are feeling sick and helpless, a portion of cooling Ice Cream will blow an energy into You. Especially the first bite of freezing Miracle instantly refreshes Your body and mind. Such moment draws a wide smile on Your face, You sink into recollection of childhood and  feel really satisfied.

But have You ever felt and expressed more emotions than just smile or happiness of enjoying Ice Cream? Was it a real satisfaction of Ice Cream, when every next bite or lick would make go crazy You and those who were nearby You? Was it so emotional, passionate, seductive and sexy like in pictures below?

Model amazed of taste of Sundae 900xAmazing taste of Sundae shocked the Model / via

cute-brunette-ice-cream-900xCute brunette smiles with Ice Cream / via

Girl with leaking ice cream cone and deep glance 900Girl with leaking Ice Cream cone and deep glance / via

Girl suck juicy ice cream and looks back 900xGirl suck juicy Ice Cream and looks back / via

Blonde biting Ice Cream on stick 900x600Blonde bites Ice Cream on stick / via

Hyuna Ice Cream sexy 900x497Hyuna in a moment from music video “Ice Cream” feat. Psy / via

Asian Girl consumes Ice Cream cone very sensually 900x500Asian Girl consumes Ice Cream cone very sensually / via

Jessica Alba thoughtful look & resoluble Ice Cream Scene from Good Luck Chuck 900x864Jessica Alba thoughtful look & leaking Ice Cream Scene from Good Luck Chuck / via

Girl long tongue lick Ice Cream 900x675Girl enjoys huge portion of Ice Cream by licking it with long tongue / via

Cone Ice Cream Licking 900xCute face Girl Cone Ice Cream licking / via

Girl in bikini lick resoluble sundae on the beach 900xGirl in bikini lick leaky sundae on the beach / via

Naveena, Mrudhula Basker, from movie Ice Cream2 900xNaveena (Mrudhula Basker) from movie Ice Cream 2 / via

Rachel_Bilson_sexy_Magnum_ice_cream_commercial_900x506Rachel Bilson sexy eating Magnum Ice Cream / via

Girl lick juicy Ice Cream stick 900xGirl in bikini lick juicy Ice Cream stick / via

Sarah Ellen eating ice cream 900xSarah Ellen begins her Ice Cream cone / via

Killing glance while sucking sprinkled ice cream like vampire 900x1200Blonde’s glance kills while she suck sprinkled Ice Cream like a Vampire / via

Georgia Salpa Enjoying in Icecream in a Park in London 900x1200Georgia Salpa Enjoying her Ice Cream in a Park in London / via

Katy Perry licking Ice Cream in California Gurls ftKaty Perry is licking Ice Cream in California Gurls ft Snoop Dogg / via

Alessandra Ambrosia lick her Ice Cream cone 900xVictoria’s Secret model Alessandro Ambrosio is having her Ice Cream cone / via

Girl catches her leaking Ice Cream cone 900xGirl in the street catches her leaking Ice Cream cone / via

Randi Pulla Ice Thisukondi 900xRandi Pulla Ice Thisukondi / via

Blonde sensually lick Ice Cream 900xCute Blonde closed eyes and sensually lick her Sundae / via

Licking flwing Ice Cream 900x1200Passionate licking of resoluble Ice Cream / via

Green eyed Girl sucks Ice Cream 900xGreen eyed Girl sucks Ice Cream / via

Seductive sight while biting Ice Cream 900xSeductive sight while brunette bites Ice Cream / via

beautiful eye Agne Motiejunaite lick Ice Cream 900xBeautiful eye Agne Motiejunaite enjoys her Ice Cream / via

Sexy smile with Ice Cream 1024x1300Ulya Trukhina licks her Ice Creamed lips / via

Sheila Ferrari Ice Creamed Lips 900xSheila Ferrari Ice Creamed mouth and splashed breast / via

Snobar brunette suck juicy popsicle 900xSnobar brunette suck juicy popsicle / via

Sensual Kiss for a green Ice Cream 900xSensual touch with a green Ice Cream / via

Passionate Kiss with tasty Ice Cream 900xPassionate Kiss with sweet Ice Cream / via

Sasha Lopez with Ice Cream scene from All My People 900x400Sasha Lopez sexy scene with Ice Cream from video – All My People / via

Jennifer Nicole Lee indulges in ice cream 900xJennifer Nicole Lee in a split dress indulges in Ice Cream  / via

Sexy girl licking ice cream 900x

Sexy Girl is seductively licking rainbow color Ice Cream / via

Gossip Girls licking ice cream cone 900xGossip Girls are licking one Ice Cream cone / via

Girl suck popsickle sensual and eyes closed 700xGirl eyes closed suck ice lolly very sensual  / via

Sexy snake shape tongue rounds the Ice Cream 900xSexy snake shape tongue rounds the Ice Cream / via

Kajal Agarwal licking resoluble Ice Cream 900x1064Kajal Agarwal licking resoluble Ice Cream / via

Licking Flowing Ice Cream 900xGirl is licking flowing Ice Cream / via

Melanie Iglesias Ice Cream Teaser 900xMelanie Iglesias Ice Cream teaser / via


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