Xhibitionist – the Super Yacht of Your Dreams


New Year has begun. We hope some of Your dreams came true this magic night. But surely new wishes and dreams has born. Hoping to hear from You about them. One new amazing dream has born in our mind this Year too, which we would like to share.

Have You ever dreamed of flying on the endless sea and cutting all the waves on the Yacht of Your dreams? This time we would like to share with You the Xhibitionist – the concept of $25 Million Luxury super yacht. This is no ordinary yacht. This is something completely different.

Brainchild of renown Swedish-based designer, Eduard Gray, the Xhibitionist is partly inspired by traditions as old as seafaring itself. The desire to rekindle some of those traditions in an ultra-modern setting has resulted in, not only, the creation of a jaw-dropping super yacht, but the creation of a veritable entity that has almost developed a personality of its own. As much thought has gone into the conception of this vessel in terms of its viability as has gone into the actual structural design itself. It is, quite simply, a masterful blend of style, purpose and efficiency. One of the most striking elements on this one-of-a-kind vessel is the hull. The inverted trimaran configuration has been employed for one overriding reason; stability. That, in itself, speaks volumes about the real reason the Xhibitionist has come about.


More about this and other super yachts, super cars and super bicycles, designed by Eduard Gray, You will find @ http://graydesign.se/4/xhibitionist/#