Best Ice Cream Consumption Facial Expressions


The Summer is here. It’s a time, when Ice Cream consumption rises radically. When the heat is killing and You are feeling sick and helpless, a portion of cooling Ice Cream will blow an energy into You. Especially the first bite of freezing Miracle instantly refreshes Your body and mind. Such moment draws a wide smile on Your face, You sink into recollection of childhood and  feel really satisfied.

But have You ever felt and expressed more emotions than just smile or happiness of enjoying Ice Cream? Was it a real satisfaction of Ice Cream, when every next bite or lick would make go crazy You and those who were nearby You? Was it so emotional, passionate, seductive and sexy like in pictures below?

Model amazed of taste of Sundae 900xAmazing taste of Sundae shocked the Model / via

cute-brunette-ice-cream-900xCute brunette smiles with Ice Cream / via

Girl with leaking ice cream cone and deep glance 900Girl with leaking Ice Cream cone and deep glance / via

Girl suck juicy ice cream and looks back 900xGirl suck juicy Ice Cream and looks back / via

Blonde biting Ice Cream on stick 900x600Blonde bites Ice Cream on stick / via

Hyuna Ice Cream sexy 900x497Hyuna in a moment from music video “Ice Cream” feat. Psy / via

Asian Girl consumes Ice Cream cone very sensually 900x500Asian Girl consumes Ice Cream cone very sensually / via

Jessica Alba thoughtful look & resoluble Ice Cream Scene from Good Luck Chuck 900x864Jessica Alba thoughtful look & leaking Ice Cream Scene from Good Luck Chuck / via

Girl long tongue lick Ice Cream 900x675Girl enjoys huge portion of Ice Cream by licking it with long tongue / via

Cone Ice Cream Licking 900xCute face Girl Cone Ice Cream licking / via

Girl in bikini lick resoluble sundae on the beach 900xGirl in bikini lick leaky sundae on the beach / via

Naveena, Mrudhula Basker, from movie Ice Cream2 900xNaveena (Mrudhula Basker) from movie Ice Cream 2 / via

Rachel_Bilson_sexy_Magnum_ice_cream_commercial_900x506Rachel Bilson sexy eating Magnum Ice Cream / via

Girl lick juicy Ice Cream stick 900xGirl in bikini lick juicy Ice Cream stick / via

Sarah Ellen eating ice cream 900xSarah Ellen begins her Ice Cream cone / via

Killing glance while sucking sprinkled ice cream like vampire 900x1200Blonde’s glance kills while she suck sprinkled Ice Cream like a Vampire / via

Georgia Salpa Enjoying in Icecream in a Park in London 900x1200Georgia Salpa Enjoying her Ice Cream in a Park in London / via

Katy Perry licking Ice Cream in California Gurls ftKaty Perry is licking Ice Cream in California Gurls ft Snoop Dogg / via

Alessandra Ambrosia lick her Ice Cream cone 900xVictoria’s Secret model Alessandro Ambrosio is having her Ice Cream cone / via

Girl catches her leaking Ice Cream cone 900xGirl in the street catches her leaking Ice Cream cone / via

Randi Pulla Ice Thisukondi 900xRandi Pulla Ice Thisukondi / via

Blonde sensually lick Ice Cream 900xCute Blonde closed eyes and sensually lick her Sundae / via

Licking flwing Ice Cream 900x1200Passionate licking of resoluble Ice Cream / via

Green eyed Girl sucks Ice Cream 900xGreen eyed Girl sucks Ice Cream / via

Seductive sight while biting Ice Cream 900xSeductive sight while brunette bites Ice Cream / via

beautiful eye Agne Motiejunaite lick Ice Cream 900xBeautiful eye Agne Motiejunaite enjoys her Ice Cream / via

Sexy smile with Ice Cream 1024x1300Ulya Trukhina licks her Ice Creamed lips / via

Sheila Ferrari Ice Creamed Lips 900xSheila Ferrari Ice Creamed mouth and splashed breast / via

Snobar brunette suck juicy popsicle 900xSnobar brunette suck juicy popsicle / via

Sensual Kiss for a green Ice Cream 900xSensual touch with a green Ice Cream / via

Passionate Kiss with tasty Ice Cream 900xPassionate Kiss with sweet Ice Cream / via

Sasha Lopez with Ice Cream scene from All My People 900x400Sasha Lopez sexy scene with Ice Cream from video – All My People / via

Jennifer Nicole Lee indulges in ice cream 900xJennifer Nicole Lee in a split dress indulges in Ice Cream  / via

Sexy girl licking ice cream 900x

Sexy Girl is seductively licking rainbow color Ice Cream / via

Gossip Girls licking ice cream cone 900xGossip Girls are licking one Ice Cream cone / via

Girl suck popsickle sensual and eyes closed 700xGirl eyes closed suck ice lolly very sensual  / via

Sexy snake shape tongue rounds the Ice Cream 900xSexy snake shape tongue rounds the Ice Cream / via

Kajal Agarwal licking resoluble Ice Cream 900x1064Kajal Agarwal licking resoluble Ice Cream / via

Licking Flowing Ice Cream 900xGirl is licking flowing Ice Cream / via

Melanie Iglesias Ice Cream Teaser 900xMelanie Iglesias Ice Cream teaser / via


If You have similar amazing picture of Yourself or someone else, please share it with us, by sending on e-mail

Best Car Wash near me – now and then


The long waited hot summer is almost here, so it is a real time to drive Your dirty vehicles to the car wash, to meet the Summer clean and shiny. Ones chooses the nearest car wash, others the cheapest and simplest. Someone drives his lovely vehicle to verified and reliable place, however another likes full extra service and every year searches for something extraordinary and new.

We are interested how often You wash Your vehicle and what criterion results Your Choice. May be You will find some ideas for the Car Wash of Your Dream in this vivacious comparison compilation and that will draw a smile on Your  face.

Car Wash Man 700x

Live Ad for special Car Wash for Ladies / credits

roundup_auto_wash_bowl 900x

Neway Auto Wash Bowl in Chicago, 1924 / credits

Car wash in rain puddle 900x

A pickup washes after passing through a deep water puddle in Des Moines / credits

Chicago’s first hands-free carwash, 1925, Chicago 900x

Chicago’s first “hands-free” Car Wash, Chicago, 1925 / credits

Aqua Clean Car Wash - San Diego 900x

Aqua Clean Car Wash in San Diego / credits

Vintage men car wash 900x

“Hybrid Wash” for all of the cars washed at KC’s Car Wash / credits

Chemical Guys Washing Lexus 900x

Sparkling Self Car Wash Service / credits

about_old2 900x

“Hybrid Wash” for all of the cars washed at KC’s Car Wash / credits

Car Wash Girls Spraying 700x

Special Girls Service in Car Wash in Russia / credits

Water Spray Car Wash 1939

An automobile automatically washes with spraying water from multiple nozzles, 1939 / credits

Lexus in Car wash 900x600

Automatic AutoXpress Carwash in Burnaby BC / credits

Car Wash in Armadillo 1940 900x

Auto Car Wash at an Army Base in Amarillo, TX, 1940 / credits

Touchless_Car_Washing_Machine 900x639

Automatic Car Washing Machine / credits

Vintage self car wash in the street

Man washes Fiat 500 Topolino in the street, 1940s / credits


Hot Car Wash Girl in Calendar 2009 01 / credits

Old Man Washing Car 700x


Mario strips off to wash his beloved car 700x

Mario Falcone strips off to wash his beloved car / credits

Vintage Car Wash with 3 Girls 900x

Car wash Cuties the Andrews Sisters at car washing in 1940s / credits

Cheerleader car wash illustration by Eva Fett 900x

Cheerleaders are wash automobiles / credits

Vintage Car Wash - For Sale 900x

Couple polishing car in USA,  1950s / credits


Sexy Girl washing Car & Man 2006 / credits

Chevrolet 1950's 900x

Cleaning Chevrolet in 1950s / credits


Cute Brunette in Micro Skirt Car Washing / credits


Colorful Girls are washing Ford in 1950s / credits


Sexy Bella Twins Brie & Nikki are washing their SUV  2012 / credits

Car wash, 1950s 900x

Girls Crew in funny Car washing Ceremony in 1950s / credits

Beatnik Beauties car wash 900x598

Beatnik Beauties having funny Car Washing Photo Session / credits

carwash7 900x

The Muller Bros held “Beauty Pageant” to celebrate their three millionth car wash, in LA, California, 1951 / credits

Cottesloe Bikini Car Wash 900x

Miss Universe entrant Rebecca Johns (Gold Bikini) raise funds for the floods victims at the Cottesloe Car Wash / credits


No bikinis on the Santa Monica City College campus mass Car Wash, 1952 / credits

Sexy Girls car washing 900x

Bikini Car Washing in the last Sunbeams / credits

Vintage Group car wash mir 900x

18 hands Washing goes faster than 2 / credits

Monroe County Sheriff's Office 900x

One for All and All for One / credits

Mamie van Doren washing her Jaguar, photo by Loomis Dean, Los Angeles, 1954 900x

Mamie van Doren washing her Jaguar, Los Angeles, 1954 / credits

Sexy-car-wash-girls-part2-31 700x900


Vintage Beetle wash 900x

Ladies are washing their Beetle very diligently / credits

Girls Washing VW Beetle 900x

Girls washing still classic and still popular VW Beetle / credits

Bikini Girl washes Red Chevrolet 900x

Bikini Girl is washing her Red Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 / credits


Sexy Girl just chilling in hot Summer Day while washing Chevrolet Bel Air / credits

Vintage auto car wash 900x

Vintage Automatic Car Wash in 1960s / credits

Auto car wash machine 900x

The same, but more powerfull in nowadays / credits

Cute Girl Washing Her Lincoln Continental 1965 old 900x1100

Cute Girl is washing her Lincoln Continental 1965  / credits

Car wash girl sprays herself 700x1050

Just chilling in Hot Summer Day / credits

JoyHarmon-CoolHandLuke1967-carwashscene-2 900x

Actress Joy Harmon, washing her car in full view of male prisoners in ‘Cool Hand Luke,’ 1967 / credits

Kenna Kong topless car wash 900x

Amazing body Kenna Kong topless car wash / credits

Burlesque bikini carwash

Burly Girly Charity Car Wash organized to raise money to help children with cancer / credits

Car wash man Sprays 700x

Liam Murphy just chilling while washing his Red Ford / credits

Man washes his car in Shorts 900x585

Pure hand washing / credits

Car wash Man 500x

Not only the Girls are wahing their Cars topless / credits

Vintage Girl washes Rolls 900x


Bikini car wash Girl spraying herself 600x

Another beautiful chilling moment while washing Mercedes / credits

Carwash Man on VW under spray 900x

Chilling on Beetles hood in auto car wash / credits

Car Wash Guys Sprays himself 900x

It is a hot Summers Day / credits


Vintage 5 Guys car wash 900x


Cover Model Rob 900x

Cover model R0b’s car wash Photo Session / credits

Vintage Girl car washing 900x




Vintage Family car wash 900x

Family car washing chores / credits

Workin' at the Car Wash! 900x

Real Boys washing their car / credits

Milla Jovovic hood ornament 800x

Young model Milla Jovovic as a Hood Decoration / credits

Cameron Dias as Bad Teacher Washing Car 900x

Carmen Diaz as a Bad Teacher is washing Chevrolet / credits

Couple Washing Car

Funny Couples Games while Golf Washing / credits

Couple washing Honda Civic 900x

Spraying Honda Civic / credits

Car interior wash fail 900x

Honda interior wash fail / credits

Three-Baywash-Bikini-Car-Wash 900x

Bikini girls full soapy car wash service / credits

Vintage car wash cartoon 900x

Kiss / credits

So which one would You choose? If none, then please share Your the best car wash near You.

Saint Valentine’s Day Cards comparison – Vintage vs Modern


Saint Valentines Day has past. Many lonely people found their Love. Millions of Lovers shared their emotions, feelings, kisses, presents and letters with postcards with each other on that day. We hope You have found Your love too, or even raised Your Love to higher level of relationship.

This time, when all Valentine’s Day Greetings are collected we decided to post nice and funny Valentine’s Day Cards comparison: Vintage vs Modern – Last century vs Nowadays. We really liked to see how Valentine’s post cards looked 50-100 years ago and how some similar things differs now from then.

Valentine's Card - Baloons

Valentine's Card - February 14th

Valentine's Card - Teddy Bears

Valentine's Card - Little Boy trying to kiss a Girl

Valentine's Card - Banana

Valentine's Card - ValenPig

Valentine's Card - Cupid with Bow

Valentine's Card - Zombie Valentine

Valentine's Card - Baloons

Valentine's Card -  Eggs on Pan

Valentine’s Card - Boy trying to kiss a Girl

Valentine's Card - Vynils sounds better with You

Valentine's Card - Cupid Girl with Bow

Hope You liked it too.

If You have got especial postcard on St. Valentine’s Day, that desire to share with us, especially if it has some similarities to postcards from last century, then Click on e-mail address, send it to us, and it will be added to this Post.

Hottest Queens in Rio de Janeiro Carnivals


The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil is a World most famous and biggest festival held before Lent every year. This year it will begin on 12th of February. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1723. Thousands of colorful and shiny dancing people will take the streets of Rio. This spectacular show enchants millions if people with its powerful and impressive show with tons of colorful decorations, loudly music, thousands happy people representing different Samba dance schools, and surely wonderful and always smiling, dancing and singing Brazilian ladies – Drum Queens with magnificent artistic costumes on their sexy bodies.

So if You have a opportunity to visit 2015 Rio’s festival, then surely take a ticket and fly to Brazil. But if You can’t, then relax viewing amazing pictures of previous Carnivals with gorgeous Queens and Dancers and dream of being there.

Images from Rio De Janeiro's crazy Carnival
rEE2LK4 1000x667
Queen with pink feathers 1000x
A performer from the Unidos de Vila Isabel samba school 1000x667
Photo: Felipe Dana/AP
Brazil Carnival Drum Queen 2012 1000x666
Brazil-carnival-parade-Sambadrome 1000x666
A dancer from Imperio de Casa Verde dance school 1000x668
Photo: Andre Penner/AP
Goegeous body Queen with Yallow wings 2 1000x
d6ccb50b_Rio12 1000x
CHocolate Brown Dancer in native motive costume 1000x1500
Photo: Antonio Scorza/AFP/Getty Images
Queen in green 1000x
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro; Costume
Photo: Felipe Dana / Associated Press
Gorgeous Queen in blach n white suit 1000x
A reveller of the Unidos da Tijuca samba school participates in the annual carnival parade at Rio de Janeiro
Juliana Salimeni carnaval 1000x563
Queen in chickens suit 1000x
Photo: Alexandre Vidal – FOTO BR Agency
A member of the Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba school rides on a float 1000x
Reveller from Tom Maior samba school 1000x665
Photo: Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images
d6ccb50b_Rio8x 1000x
Brazil Carnival
Queen 08 1000x
Carnival in Rio: Elaborate costume
Photo: Antonio Lacerda / EPA
Rio Carnival 2014 - Day 2
Queen in stylish costume 1000x
dancer-at-carnival-in-rio 1000x
Hard body Queen in green 1000x
Orange Queen 1000x
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro; Parade
Photo: Vanderlei Almeida / AFP / Getty Images
Paulina Soto 1000x
Carnival at the sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro


We hope You will enjoyed this hypnotizing tale. We wish You someday the Dream come true, and You could see this fantastic show in Your own eyes.


Celebrities undresses for cancer awareness support


May be not everyone knows, that the 4th of February is World Cancer Day – the terrible disease, which every year devastates more human bodies and takes more and more lives.

“Cancer is the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells. It can affect almost any part of the body. The growths often invade surrounding tissue and can metastasize to distant sites. Many cancers can be prevented by avoiding exposure to common risk factors, such as tobacco smoke. In addition, a significant proportion of cancers can be cured, by surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, especially if they are detected early.”

This time we would like to show You, how celebrities and common people shows their skin to protect it. Undresses for a big idea, for cancer awareness support. If simple ways not helps to reach potential victims of cancer disease then obviously there is left only one way to absorb the attention and explain all the people, that they must to inspect health periodically to minimize cancer risk to minimum and save their lives while it’s not too late. So let’s take a look at all these brave and beautiful people and memorize health checking importance.

Miley Cyrus Nude For T-Shirts Benefitting NYU Cancer Institute 1024Miley Cyrus Cooper naked 1024Hayley Cooper Sloane naked 1024Barry Sloane Lloyd naked 1024Danielle Lloyd B Topless Breast Cancer 1024Mel B in the Snow on the Bench 1024Naked in the Snow Quickenden naked 1024Jake Quickenden’s residents 1024Minnesota residents Harris naked 1024-Georgie Harris Lawrence & Gaylene Cummerfield Checkum 1024Matthew Lawrence & Gaylene Cummerfield in the Snow with Rose between Cheecks 1024Naked in the Snow Varndell naked 1024Tom Varndell Rowers in boat 1024University of Warwick’s Female Rowers Walsh & Liz McLarnon naked 1024Kate Walsh & Liz McLarnon Sam Bird naked 1024Sam Bird University’s Female Rugby Team naked 1024Oxford University’s Female Rugby Team 2015 Macmillan Naked Calendar 1024Rummors Wood naked 1024Hollie Wood Fognini naked 1024Fabio Fognini Rowers running 1024University of Warwick’s Female Rowers Bradbury BBC naked 1024Julia Bradbury 5's Adam Levine Naked 1024Adam Levine in the Snow drinking wine 1024Naked in the Snow Miller Naked 1024Marisa Miller Elliott Wright strips naked for Cancer Research 1024Elliott Wright Rowers rowing 1024University of Warwick’s Female Rowers Benjamin & Camila Dallerup 1024Lucy Benjamin & Camila Dallerup Youngquest nude checkum 1024Nick Youngquest Minogue wet Dress 1024Kylie Minogue Naked 4 Cancer Research 1024Heartbreakers Lawson Delevingne naked 1024Cara Delevingne 1024Oxford University women rugby team David Haye Naked 1024David Haye in the Snow 1024Naked in the Snow Porter naked 1024Jorgie Porter Men on Beach 1024Men on Westward Ho! beach Hannah Foxley, naked after mastectomy 1024Hannah Foxley


Key Facts about cancer:

  • Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012.
  • Lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer cause the most cancer deaths each year.
  • The most frequent types of cancer differ between men and women.
  • About 30% of cancer deaths are due to the five leading behavioral and dietary risks: high body mass index, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol use.
  • Tobacco use is the most important risk factor for cancer causing 22% of global cancer deaths and 71% of global lung cancer deaths.
  • Cancer causing viral infections such as HBV/HCV and HPV are responsible for up to 20% of cancer deaths in low- and middle-income countries.
  • About 70% of all cancer deaths in 2008 occurred in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue rising, with an estimated 13.1 million deaths in 2030.

Best Health for all!