Elegant Wooden Bathtubs


What kind of bathtub is in Your Bathroom? Usual Ceramic, Metal, Acrylic or maybe Elegant Wooden Bathtub? Not wooden? But have You ever dreamt of a natural product, coated just with thin layer of transparent gloss or satin varnish, warm, pleasant to touch and incredibly good looking.
If You once lay into such one or better with Your partner, with a glass of lovely champagne, then You would never accept common bathtub. That’s because wood is a natural product and has a soul, which hangs You and holds in its warm arms and defending from cold weather or even bad Aura. While laying and relaxing in it, You can Use Your imagination and dive into Country style Saloon with a huge hall and one comfortable bathtub in the middle of room. And believe me, it’s a wonderful feeling.

There is just some of most desirable unusual wooden bathtubs for Your evaluation. Share Your opinion with us to pick out the best one.

Wooden Bathtub Ocean ShellWooden Bathtub Ocean shellSource: http://www.housedit.net

Wooden Bathtub Wave Diamond

Wooden Bathtub Wave Diamond 800x560Source: http://www.bagnosasso.com

Glossy Lacquered Sleek Wooden Oval Shaped Bathtub

Glossy-Lacquered-Sleek-Wooden-Oval-Shaped-Bathtub 800xSource: http://www.esivi.com

An attractive design and high-quality workmanship of Laguna Pearl as well as the natural warmth of wood make it the central eye-catching element in every bathroomWooden Bathtub Laguna Pearl 800xSource: http://www.alegna.it

Laguna Pearl is a great kind of bathtub design that has glossy dark brown surface with clear line side but smooth inside

Elegant-wooden-Laguna-bathtubs 800x400Source: http://www.housedit.net

Luxurious Laguna Pearl Black

Wooden Bathtub Laguna Pearl Black 800xSource: http://www.alegna.it

Modern Round Wooden Bathtub

modern-round-wooden-bathtubSource: http://www.giesendesign.com

This wooden bathtub is made of southwest China’s older Cedar, mostly suitable wood for health with hand made Chinese art on it

wooden sex bathtb 800xSource: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/wooden-sex-bathtub

Unique Standalone Wooden Bathtub

Unique-Standalone-wooden-bathtub-design 800x530Source: http://www.housedit.net

Two-seater bathtub NIRVANA with elegant soaking through the Bathtub wall plus waterfall


wooden-bathtub-nirvana-03Source: http://www.vauu.eu

Wooden Bathtub Ocean Circle

Wooden Bathtub Ocean CircleSource: http://www.housedit.net

Laguna BASIC is soft, with a curved and stable form, reflects the running water as well as a warm aura

Wooden Bathtub Laguna Basic 800xSource: http://www.alegna.eu

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden bathtubs

The advantages of bathing in a wooden tub:

  • originality
  • ecological safety;
  • pleasant sensation on contact with natural wood;
  • aesthetic aspect ( emits a unique aura);
  • easy integrate into the bath aero-and hydro-massage device.

Disadvantages of wooden tubs:

  • wood is sensitive to the effects of cleaning agents;
  • in a wooden tub, you should not wash and bathe pets;
  • for the everyday washing is better to use a shower and bath leave solely for pleasure.

Source: http://www.bathroom-designs-ideas.com

Wooden stem bathtub 800x
Classical, luxurious and exquisite, the wooden bathtub is a fascinating work of a famous Polish family company Unique Wood Design.2-Baula-bathtub 800x1100

The most fascinating wooden bathtub Laguna Spa from Alegna

Wooden Bathtub Laguna Spa 800xSource: http://www.alegna.eu

Really luxuriously spacious corner bath for adults, containing 500 liters of water, with elegant soaking through the Bathtub wall

wooden-bathtub-raja-02 800xSource: http://www.vauu.eu

And for the end we post funny picture of usage of wooden bathtube

Pyramid wooden bathtub with Kid in it 800x686Source: http://www.houzz.com

So have You found any wooden bathtub of Your dreams or may be even beyond them?

Or maybe You already have one better looking which You like most? Share it with us, show others the bathtub of Your Dreams. Click on e-mail address mydream@men-dream.com, send it to us, and it will be added to this Post (with Your credits if You wish).