Happy Mother’s Day Card


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Don’t forget to thank and greet Your Mom today

Saint Valentine’s Day Cards comparison – Vintage vs Modern


Saint Valentines Day has past. Many lonely people found their Love. Millions of Lovers shared their emotions, feelings, kisses, presents and letters with postcards with each other on that day. We hope You have found Your love too, or even raised Your Love to higher level of relationship.

This time, when all Valentine’s Day Greetings are collected we decided to post nice and funny Valentine’s Day Cards comparison: Vintage vs Modern – Last century vs Nowadays. We really liked to see how Valentine’s post cards looked 50-100 years ago and how some similar things differs now from then.

Valentine's Card - Baloons

Valentine's Card - February 14th

Valentine's Card - Teddy Bears

Valentine's Card - Little Boy trying to kiss a Girl

Valentine's Card - Banana

Valentine's Card - ValenPig

Valentine's Card - Cupid with Bow

Valentine's Card - Zombie Valentine

Valentine's Card - Baloons

Valentine's Card -  Eggs on Pan

Valentine's Card - Vynils sounds better with You

Valentine's Card - Cupid Girl with Bow

Hope You liked it too.

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