Kim Kardashian’s booty beauty


Everybody remembers how Kim Kardashian’s photos blew up the internet last December. And actually all last Years Kim is on a popularity wave. Have You asked Yourself how she did it? Why she is a woman of most men dreams?

This time – less words, more views. We decided to collect Kim’s photo compilation from all the net and to try to find out where’s the main secret of her popularity. Is it her personality or more likely sexuality: attractive face and extraordinary body with sexy booty?

kim-kardashian-makeup1024Source: Kardashian Fragrance LaunchSource: Kim-Kardashian-Style-makeup1024Source: KARDASHIAN in Elle MagazineSource: 1024Source: 1024x776Source: 1024xSource: 1024Source: Kardashian SightingSource: http://www.nydailynews.comZKim-Kardashian-in-pool 1024xSource: http://www.inspirationluWMCOVR01088D0Source: 1024Source: Kardashian Shares Butt-Naked1024Source: 1024Source: 1024Source: Kardashian almost naked 1024xSource:



Please leave Your own opinion do You like this Celebrity and why?

World Smile Day :)


As some of You may know, today is the World Smile Day. Just imagne how booring and sad World would be if People wouldn’t smile. Smile makes the day brighter, the mood much better. Especially when You meet a beautiful person with pretty face and extraordinary smile on it, that You long time can’t forget.

Today we’ve chose a small compilation of most cutiest, pretties and sexiest smiles. Hope, You’ll choose one the best for You and the SMILE will shine on Your face too 😉

Gabrielle Lupin 1024x640Gabrielle LupinAshley Brookes 1024x768Ashley BrookesCatalina Otavaro 1024x768Catalina OtavaroJennifer Lamiraqui 1024x768Jennifer LamiraquiGreen Eyes 1024x640Greeneyed GirlScarlett Johansson smile 1024x729Scarlett JohanssonHilary Duff 1024x640Hilary DuffLouise Glover hot-smile-1024x768Louise GloverAmanda Bynes 1024x640Amanda BynesGemma Atkinson 1024x640Gemma AtkinsonGwyneth Paltrow wide smile 1024x768Gwyneth PaltrowRedhead Smile 1024x640Red head GirlAlizee 1024x768AlizeeMegan Fox sexy smiling 1024x576Megan FoxSexy smile with Ice Cream 1024x1300Ice Creamed Smile

So which one is Your favorite?