Hot Snow Maidens on Cold Snow


Not much time left till biggest Years Holidays. And everybody is waiting for a miracles, inspiration or just a bit something beautiful, especially in cold winter days. This time we have a beautiful Snow Maidens for You to warm Your mood and prepare to Christmas. Check them all and may be U will be visited by one of them.

Snow-BunnyJuicy Ski GirlSexy Body Ski GirlNaked Blondie with CarfOn Dog SleighSki BunnyPorn Star BeautySexy Snow MaidenSexy Ass SkiersPussy Cat on SnowAbsolutely naked Snow MaidenSnowed Spreaded legsCute Snow MaidenNaked Sant Claus with Bikini Snow MaidensNaked Santa Claus with Bkini Snow MadensSexy Santa Claus for LadiesSexy Santa Claus


If You have caught better or more impressive pictures of Snow Maidens or Santa Claus, then just click on e-mail address, send it to us, and share it with others.

Halloweens Body Art Suits


Have You decided how will You look at the biggest holiday of autumn? What kind of mask, costume, or suit will You wear? Don’t You know yet? Haven’t decided? So maybe here You will find a few solutions how to look scary like a Monster, mystical like a something unknown, or even sexy like a Devil. We’ve collected the best examples of Body Art into one Post, which we hope You’d like and take a few great ideas how to surprise Your friends on a Holiday. Everybody knows, that artistic mind and gifted hands can create a masterpiece on a humans body, especially if it’s perfect. So check all the Halloween unusual suits and share with us what have You chosen to look like.

raia_demon_by_pmyers-800xPaul Myers PhotographyNightmare before christmas makeup 800x1166Skeleton Man 800x1067Nurse on Halloween 800xSarah Furchner PhotographyLady Devil with wings 800xFoto  Seeboden al World Body Painting Festivalby Trentini M.Broken skin girl 800x1200temptress_by_md_arts-d6rbiqmBy Mathieu DegrotteTaurus_by_alfandango 800xSuperb Body Paint 800xCute face Girl 800x1199Puzzle Man 800x1000Blue_Kitty_800xdone jessie 800xhalf_skeleton_800xStone Sculpture 800xThe_Rage 800x600Sin_City_800xFreddy Kruger 800xNight butterfly 800x1100Clown in frame Body Paint 800xPredator make up 800x1100BatWoman Body Paint 800xDevil Blondie Body Paint 800x1053Woman in Mask Body Paint 800xPaul Myers PhotographyFire Body Paint Blonde Girl 800xFluoriscent Sceleton 800xAwesome Face make up 800x

by Vladimir Smirnov

Taken from:;; and the other.
If You Know better looking and more impressive Body Art visualisations, or have Your own body painted on Halloween year or more before, and want to brag how it should be done, then just click on e-mail address, send it to us, and it will be added to this Post (with Your credits if You wish).

The House of Your Dream


Almost all the people all around the World lives in houses. All them are different. Some of us likes huge Villas or Castles, others small but cute and comfortable housies, thirds chooses amazing landscape surrounding estate.
So this time we would like to ask what kind of real estate You prefer? What is the hous of Your Dreams You'd love to live all Your long live?

What would it be…?

The Smallest House in the World?



Or the Huge Bungalow?


The lonely Housie on an Island in the Lake?

Lonely Housie on an Island 1280x1000

Or one of the hundreds Flats in gloomy dense Residential Houses (but with catchy possibility of observing the hundreds neighbours infront)?


Would You like to live in one of Caves in this Rock?


Or the Soft and Blue Lagoon Water?



May be You'd like lonely House in cold snowed Hills like from Fairytale?


Or a lonely modern House in the middle of warm and dry Desert?



Do You like these Eyes from Underground staring at You?



Or overground like Birds in the Trees?

Tree House

Do You Imagine Yourself in this small Hous on Wheels?

On Wheels


Or anyway You would look better on board of this huge House like an Alien Watercraft swimming the Water?

Swimming Water

Do You imagine Yourself living in UFO high in the Clouds?

Dombay Futuro in the Clouds 1280x600

What do You think of a Abandoned Creepy House from Texas?


Or Barbie House is more suitable for You?

Dream-House-for-Girls 1260x960

Or better is funny The Crooked House from Sopot? (Moore You stare at it, more You feel drunk)



Otherwise You might choose the House blown up by Tornado


Or even Musical House if You Feel like Compositor

Musical Building 1280x

Yabadabadooo! Meet the Stone House! (Or the Flintstones?)

Stone House

Probably everyone sometimes dream of a Penthouse over $400 million Dollars?



Maybe You always dreamed of a calm Estate surrounded by nature near the River?

fancourt-links1 1280x800

Or a small wooden House with a Straw Roof

Cute House surrounded by the Nature 1280x960

There are next few awesome Real Estates either. Which one You like more?

Villa in Hills with pool 1280

Luxury-home with pool-1-3-million-dollars 1280x

What do You think of living straightly on a Sea shore in awesome pure white modern Architectural Marvel?

Pure White Modern House with wonderful view on a Sea 1280

Or so close to the blue bay, that just one long jump and You dive into the warm water.

Dream-House-near-the-water 1280x960

One more thing You have to decide is how high You wish to live in Your House of Dreams? Is it just Bungalow over the Water?

sixlaamu 1280x

High in the old Castle on the Rock?


Or on the Highest Mountain?


And in the end which one Iglo would You choose? Colorful but in the snow

colored_ice_igloo_16 1280x

Or Grey far from the Earth?

Moon House Iglo 1280x

If You Have Your own vision of Dream House that differents from posted here, then send it to us, and it will be added to this Post (with Your credits if You wish).